The Alpha Warehouse Management System , AlphaWMS, enables wholesale and retail distributors to adapt rapidly to variations in product demand, vendor performance and fulfillment requirements. Supply chain management and warehousing processes are optimized with real-time views of the levels and locations of inventory within distribution centers. Automatic allocation and order settings allow users to control merchandise levels system-wide, minimizing stock-outs and fragmented ranges and adjusting inventory requirements for seasonal variation.

AlphaWMS streamlines operations, managing the movement and storage of all inventories from purchase order to customer fulfillment. With selectable permission and user access settings, the system efficiently manages all resources including personnel, equipment and space allocations down to each bin.

With a comprehensive mapping system AlphaWMS develops and manages warehousing structures. By assigning location codes to designated areas, users can configure sophisticated bin controls such as directed storage settings that automatically assign products to a preferred inventory location based on SKU.

License plate management capabilities simplify the receiving process, allowing mixed-product loads to be stored and dispatched as a unit. In the event of below order-level or new product receipts, user configurable auto-allocation settings maximize product distribution across store locations. Cross-docking functionality in AlphaWMS further streamlines operations, eliminating the need to store some or all products by facilitating the transfer of goods directly from receiving to dispatch.

Optional handheld terminal functionality automates goods receiving, put away, pick, pack and dispatch processes. Inventory counts can be simplified using mobile terminals or printed stock forms.

AlphaWMS utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology including the integration of Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) for increased order accuracy and efficiency .