The ability to hold, view and manage inventory levels that are current and accurate is key to driving profitability and sales and maintaining customer loyalty.

AlphaERS controls inventory at all stores, warehouses and in-transit locations. You can even set up stock rooms and off-site locations for each store so that inventory levels and movements between locations can all be undertaken through standard transactions or mobile devices.

AlphaERS centrally monitors and controls all supply and demand aspects of your business. Inventory figures are updated in real-time, providing accurate stock levels at each store location, in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain. Sophisticated inventory control functions minimize stock-outs and fragmented ranges, adjust for seasonal variations and mark-downs, optimize stock holdings, supplier orders and inventory movements.

Standard and multi-dimensional products can easily be created with user-friendly dialogues. Products can be assigned user defined product types with unlimited numbers of attributes to hold content including text, images, video and links. AlphaERS can then also hold content for your multiple transaction platforms, including on-line web sites, mobile apps, portals and PoS

Unique products, such as art work and used items along with detailed product descriptions can be held alongside regular products, and all tracked with bar code labels if required

Price level functions and sophisticated price rules allow differential and preferential pricing based on store type, customer profile and other parameters.

Automatic product re-ordering routines can be controlled using many criteria including historical sales, min/max levels, forecast sales, seasonality, and new-release short life cycle trends.Orders can be placed through various means, including traditional PO printing, email communications and EDI communications.

Inventory counting including perpetual inventory routines is simplified through optional mobile devices. All inventory transactions are fully audited so that views of inventory levels and costs are always available.