​Key Features include:

  • Multiple Business, Multiple Store and Multiple Warehouse Control 
  • Merchandise Categorization and Management
  • Inventory Pricing and Margin Control
  • Multiple Sales Channels, including: In-Store Point of Sale and Customer Orders, On-Line Ordering, Tele-Ordering
  • Many Order Fulfillment Rules and Paths (Store Inventory, Warehouse Inventory, Drop-Ship, 3rd Party)
  • Inventory Level Management in Stores and Warehouses
  • Vendor and Order Control
  • Comprehensive Business Performance Analysis




Panacea provides integrated merchandise management, warehouse and in-store solutions to the leisure and retail industries. All our solutions are designed to optimize and streamline workflows, maximize sales, control operating costs and increase the bottom line.

Alpha Enterprise Retail Solution, AlphaERS is a full-featured configurable software solution that manages customer, sales, inventory and fulfillment processes from a central location.